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Design and Distribution Obligations Training with South West Credit

Our client, South West Credit, worked with us to develop a wholistic training project covering multiple aspects of the new Design and Distribution Obligations regime, suitable for the differing interests of multiple areas within their business

The Brief

South West Credit Union Co-operative Limited (South West Credit) was one of the first businesses to make informal contact with GRC Solutions seeking an understanding of what support we would be able to develop and provide to help them comply with their obligations under the new laws. Discussion with industry participants revealed that the scope of the necessary support was large – our clients needed:

  • support to understand the nature of the changes and to build the knowledge and talent necessary to develop internal processes;
  • check-ins to ensure businesses were on the right track; and
  • training at multiple levels in their business.  

The Project

GRC Solutions opted for a staged roll-out of support for these changes, with the initial focus on training and preparation of management-level staff. We then moved our focus to other areas of the business.

The rollout schedule consisted of the following:

  • Regular campaign of micro-learning bulletins updating staff on developments and changes to timelines
  • The development and publication of compliance manuals for management-level training as soon as possible after the relevant regulatory instruments were complete
  • A formal online training seminar for Compliance and other affected management-level staff in March 2021
  • The creation of a learning course for customer-facing staff with rollout closer to go-live
  • The publication of a training product for Board Members and Senior Executives
  • A webinar in September 2021 focussing on post-implementation issues

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Code of Ethics Training with Police Credit Union

Police Credit Union wanted to differentiate training on policies in areas affecting business culture – ethics, drug and alcohol policy, and the like – from other more procedural policies. They also wanted a different look and feel – in particular, they wanted their training to not come across as “just a piece of paper.”

The Brief

Police Credit Union were looking for our support and expertise in developing a solution that would allow end-to-end management in-house of their own policy training development, distribution, and monitoring, with the scope for rapid – as quick as same-day – policy deployment, should the need arise.

The Project

GRC Solutions offered our Salt e-learning applications, comprising Salt Adaptive, a simple yet flexible content authoring application, with unparalleled deep data reporting capacities, and the Salt Compliance Learning Management System.

Police Credit Union adopted the solution with the intention of creating an initial course to promulgate the business’ Code of Ethics. The Code is an eight-page policy document, but the L&D team wanted to focus the training on the key concepts and provide real examples to empower staff to live the Code and to develop a powerful ethical culture across the business.

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GRC Solutions Compliance Training Team

The team’s core focus has been to develop robust and functional compliance e-learning that comprehensively addresses organisational and individual regulatory obligations while distilling these technical concepts into plain, accessible language that caters to non-legal audiences

Workplace Behaviours project

We gave ourselves eight weeks to write and design this course from scratch, noting that there was an urgent need within the community and all different industries to address the developing legislative requirements and general cultural momentum in a coherent, comprehensive and fair manner.

Our designers used GRC Solutions’ own proprietary technology Salt Adaptive to create the course and push the course out to our clients. As a cloud-hosted, centralised content authoring and reporting tool, Salt Adaptive enables courses to be deployed to multiple client LMSs at the same time.

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