Recognition for our great online compliance training collaborations

How our training products and expertise helped produce award-winning collaborations at LearnX Live! 2020

We won double PLATINUM and double GOLD

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Salt Adaptive with OFX

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Our client, OFX, chose our Salt Adaptive online compliance training platform to address some very specific compliance training needs

The Brief

OFX is an online foreign exchange and payments business that provides money transfer services. It operates in a highly regulated environment, involving strict laws, policies and procedures. As a dynamic online business, it needed to provide staff with practical workplace learning on several key compliance topics such as anti-money laundering, workplace behaviour, cyber security andf raud awareness.  

The Project

OFX used the Salt Adaptive platform as a one-stop shop to customise, deliver and report on training. GRC Solutions provided author training so that OFX’s own subject matter experts could customise the off-the-shelf training content to suit the business’s own needs. The customisations catered to different job roles and jurisdictions, as well as changing regulatory requirements and reforms. The updates appeared instantly and could be tracked through the version control publishing history in Salt Adaptive. Any update can be withdrawn or amended at any time to revert to a prior version.

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Modern Slavery e-learning and blended learning (webinars and seminar) with Bank Australia

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Bank Australia set a great example in their response to the challenge of dealing with human exploitation in business’ supply chains. They were highly committed to training their people on this topic, emphasising to staff both the ethical responsibility we all share to stamp out human exploitation and the practical actions that individuals and organisations can take to act now.

The Challenge

With the introduction of the Australian legislation in 2018 and its first reporting period running from July 2019 to June 2020, Australian businesses were confronted with a steep learning curve in complying with the complex requirements of investigating their supply chains, supply chains where opacity in lower tiers (ie the suppliers to their suppliers) had never before been considered problematic.

The Project

GRC Solutions consulted industry partners and clients on the need for a training response to this challenge. It quickly became clear that there was a strong desire on the part of organisations within our own networks for training on this important topic, and for us to equip their staff with a practical understanding and skills to navigate the ethical and operational challenges posed by modern slavery. Our initial intention was to develop an online e-learning package directed at purchasing officers to alert them to the dangers of modern slavery in their supply chains and train them on identifying and avoiding them.

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Work from Home course series, Sydney Catholic Schools

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One our clients that recognised at the outset the challenges created by the move to working from home mandated by Australia’s response to the pandemic was Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS). Their staff consisted of teachers, school office staff and central/regional office staff ranging in age from 18 to 80 years of age.


GRC Solutions recognised the need to develop training quickly, and to find ways to respond to the present moment without obsessively repeating the media cycle of dreadful news about COVID-19 that was causing some people to experience adverse mental health issues and panic in the first place.

The Working from Home suite was developed using GRC Solutions’ proprietary Salt Adaptive platform by the in house content development team, with access to its IT and legal compliance teams for specific subject matter expertise. It has drawn on a wide range of materials, from best practices in HR policies to the neuroscience of learning and flow psychology. The suite was conceived as a series of microlearning pieces that could be accessed by individuals or deployed to organisations’ Salt sites for the benefit of their staff.

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Mutual Bank client portfolio – platform transition

The Brief

  1. To transition 27 mutual banks onto an automated online compliance training platform/system to meet reporting and monitoring obligations. Some of the mutual banks involved were Community First Credit Union, Unity Bank, Southern Cross Credit Union, Orange Credit Union and First Option Bank.
  2. To update the format of their existing online compliance training courses to minimise time spent on training yet improve each learner’s level of competency to minimise the risk of breaches and organisational penalties.


All 27 of these clients were successfully transitioned over to the new online platform by the end of 2019 as expected:

  • Total number of users (employees): 1613
  • Average number of courses used by each mutual bank: 15
  • Average increase in course subscription post implementation: 26% (Approx. 4 courses per client)

This project has reduced the time spent on monitoring and reporting by over 45% for all these banks and enhanced their ability to create effective, dynamic, scalable and reportable training to meet their compliance obligations.

Transitioning to the new Salt platform has enabled the mutual banks’ managers, compliance teams and senior leadership teams to quickly extract substantive real-time progress reports, summary reports, completion reports and pass rates for each employee and division.

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The GRC Solutions support team are always available to help with any problems or issue that arise and to date, the response has usually been within 2-4 hours and any system issues that have arisen are quickly resolved.

Overall we have been happy with the system and the way it has helped us manage our training needs.

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