Turning Compliance Training Challenges into Opportunities

How our training products and expertise helped turn clients’ challenges into award-winning projects at LearnX Live! 2022

We won three PLATINUMs and a DIAMOND


Compliance Training Suite with Catholic Church Insurance

From the outset it was obvious that this would be an enormously intricate project of labyrinthine proportions, whereby GRC Solutions would engage with each of CCI’s client organisations separately to facilitate the mass transition of clients into a new training experience.

The Brief

Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) sought our help in addressing a challenge: an analysis of claims data had revealed a need to address risk in clients in a fast and adaptable manner.

The Project

Alongside its insurance service, CCI has long facilitated the provision of online compliance training to its network of Catholic and non-Catholic client organisations, regarding this training as an important means for them to identify, prevent and mitigate the risk of compliance breaches.

At the start of 2021, CCI signalled that it was moving away from its legacy online training provider to GRC Solutions. CCI’s client base, which included many churches and schools nationwide, would rely on GRC Solutions to develop, deliver, manage and report on online compliance training using our Salt® learning technology, including our Salt Adaptive authoring tool and Salt Compliance Learning Management System.

GRC Solutions would be liaising not with a single organisation but with a vast network of related yet separate organisations with different needs. Some of CCI’s existing course titles would need to be rebuilt and redesigned using Salt Adaptive, using an entirely new look and feel. Other course titles needed to be rewritten and built from scratch. Furthermore, GRC Solutions would undertake to support CCI’s clients with any queries they would have about the learning content, the adoption of new technology, and tracking and reporting of learning completions.

The project would aim to go live in March

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Customer Owned Banking Code of Conduct Training with Unity Bank

Our team of compliance specialists, industry lawyers and instructional design experts helped Unity Bank and others meet the challenge of getting compliant with the totally re-written industry code in a very short timeframe.

The Brief

In 2022 the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) introduced a new version of the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice (COBCOP). The new Code represented a significant change from the existing Code and its adoption by subscribers involved a number of challenges. All the subscribers to the Code are clients of GRC Solutions, and many of them have for years relied on our training and support products. Accordingly, we needed to be involved from an early stage in supporting our clients through this change.

The Project

Unity Bank, a significant mutual bank based in Sydney, was one of the first businesses to make informal contact with GRC Solutions seeking an understanding of what support we would be able to develop and provide to help them comply with their obligations under the new Code. Discussion with industry participants revealed that the scope of the necessary support was large – our clients needed: support to understand the nature of the changes and to build the knowledge and talent necessary to develop internal processes; check-ins to ensure businesses were on the right track; and training at multiple levels in their business.

It became clear that clients would require a wholistic training project covering multiple aspects of the regime and the differing interests of multiple areas within their businesses.

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GRC Solutions Compliance Training Team

Our team was keen to utilise their status as compliance training professionals with diverse perspectives on and experiences of adult education to highlight the effect that our workplaces can have, both positive and negative, on mental health, and the role we can all play to support each other’s wellbeing.

Early in March, the team came together to reflect on the importance of mental health and wellbeing training. They had already developed complimentary training on mental health awareness during the first days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when illness, lockdown and a host of other issues, including the mass migration of the global workforce to remote-working environments, had created an atmosphere of high anxiety and uncertainty about the future. This module formed part of our free Working from Home series and was designed to reflect the specific historical moment of the pandemic.

But the team was keen to create a longer, more enduring piece of training that was dedicated to raising awareness of potential mental health issues in the workplace, wherever and however such workplaces are defined, be they physical offices and factories or decentralised remotely in people’s own homes.

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BlueBet Anti-Money Laundering and Responsible Gambling Training

The solution needed to highlight the specific pieces of legislative instruments that applied in the jurisdictions in which BlueBet operates.

BlueBet is an ASX-listed sports wagering operator which uses a scalable, technology-based platform to facilitate online bets. Established in 2015, BlueBet has a rigorous set of corporate governance policies on topics ranging from anti-bribery to diversity, continuous disclosure, securities trading and whistleblowing.

The challenge for BlueBet in the current regulatory environment, with growing regulator focus across several jurisdictions, is to train and communicate its anti-money laundering policies and legal obligations to its rapidly growing workforce in Australia and the US, catering to the different jurisdictions, job roles and language levels. Previously it had relied on a PowerPoint-based workshop to ground its employees in the key concepts and requirements. As it expands, BlueBet recognises the need to provide its employees with an online training solution.

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