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Product Description

Businesses that make or sell FMCGs must create cultures of compliance, fair play and innovation.The Competition and Consumer Act (CCA) affects every facet of your business at all levels, from sales and marketing to contractors on one-off engagements.

The nature of the markets for fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), and the nature of the goods themselves, give rise to special risks that can expose businesses to breaching consumer protection laws. This specialise course is intended to help address these risks.

Competition and Consumer Protection is one of GRC Solutions’ most popular course topics, giving learners a comprehensive understanding of this vital area of law. Our course edition for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) contains scenarios and case studies that are directly relevant to the staff of FMCG companies.

Competition and Consumer Protection describes the various anti-competitive behaviours that are prohibited, and the consumer safeguards that are upheld, by the CCA. Alongside general overviews of competition and consumer law for frontline staff, this course also includes optional advanced modules about advertising, product liability and additional workflow responsibilities of managers and senior executives. With our suite of modules, you have flexibility and choice.

This course is up to date with recent reforms to the unfair contract terms regime, and the revised maximum penalties for breaches of competition and consumer law.

Importantly, this course is geared towards practical applications of the law. We provide practical tips on how to avoid hefty penalties and personal liability, all explained using plain English, real-life examples and an engaging new visual design. We explain the role and powers of the regulator, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and what patterns of conduct it is likely to investigate.

Reduce risk and avoid personal liability

The Competition and Consumer Act (CCA affects every facet of your business and at all levels, from the sales and marketing teams to contractors engaged in individual projects. Pleas of ignorance, either from an employee who didn’t know about the law or from senior management claiming ignorance of employees’ actions, will fall on deaf ears in the event of a dispute.

This course describes the various anti-competitive behaviours that are recognised and prohibited by the CCA. As with all Salt Compliance courses, you can choose who needs to study which module. Modules on Consumer Protection Law and on Competition Law explain the basics and how to identify prohibited conduct. They are suitable for all staff and managers. Advanced modules on those subjects have been written for managers. There are also optional modules that focus specifically on product liability and on the competition law concerns that relate to advertising.

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Who should do this training?

This training provides an understanding
o  competition and consumer law which is useful for all FMCG staff.

There are additional obligations for managers, senior executives and staff involved in business transactions, advertising or communication with customers and suppliers.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Consumer protection law (all staff)
  • Module 2: Competition law (all staff)
  • Module 3: Advanced competition law (managers)
  • Module 4: Advanced competition law – Incident Management (Managers)
  • Module 5: Product liability (targeted staff)
  • Module 6: Advertising (targeted staff)

Customise Course

Do you have a policy or process, or some subject-matter expertise that you would like to add to this course?
Talk to us about ways we can quickly tailor the course to suit your needs.


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