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Competition and Consumer Protection  – Australia – online training

Our Competition and Consumer Protection training course is one of GRC Solutions’ most popular courses, for giving learners a comprehensive understanding of this vital area of law. This new, refreshed edition is designed to be more accessible, engaging and concise than ever.


Competition and Consumer Protection describes the various anti-competitive behaviours that are prohibited, and the consumer safeguards that are upheld, by the CCA. Alongside general overviews of competition and consumer law for frontline staff, this course also includes optional advanced modules about advertising, product liability and additional workflow responsibilities of managers and senior executives. With our suite of modules, you have flexibility and choice.


This course is up to date with recent reforms to the unfair contract terms regime, and the revised maximum penalties for breaches of competition and consumer law.


Importantly, this course is geared towards practical applications of the law. We provide practical tips on how to avoid hefty penalties and personal liability, all explained using plain English, real-life examples and an engaging new visual design. We explain the role and powers of the regulator, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and what patterns of conduct it is likely to investigate.


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Other GRC Solutions Commercial Practices Resources

Consumer Guarantees – New Zealand The Consumer Guarantees Act affects every facet of your business in NZ, and at all levels from the sales and marketing teams to suppliers and manufacturers. The purpose of this course is to create awareness among  staff on how to identify and reduce the risk of breaching these laws.
Contract Fundamentals – Australia Provides learners with the tools to better understand the issues associated with the pre-contractual process. Also covers the meaning of terms in contracts and the mechanics of how a contract is formed and implemented.
Contract Fundamentals – New Zealand Examines the rights and duties of different parties under NZ legislation and general contract law. This course show leaners how to make contracts work in the day-to-day operation of your organisation.
Insider Trading – Australia Are all of your employees familiar with insider trading laws? This material is relevant to all businesses, not just stockbrokers or merchant banks.
Anti-Bribery and Corruption – Australia Bribery is a risk for all businesses. This training includes basic modules that cater to all employees and more in-depth modules for management.

A further module can be allocateds to staff who may need to deal with officials in other countries.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption – Global

and also UK Bribery Act

This course explains bribery and corruption in simple and understandable terms. We look at the Australian legislation and what is happening internationally. Examples are used from recent news headlines and local cases to emphasise the importance of compliance and reinforce lessons learned through scenarios presented throughout the program.
Commercial Practices and Acquisitions – New Zealand This egally comprehensive course identifies the common areas where organisations and individuals often go wrong. It includes practical tips for maintaining compliance.
Business Ethics This course brings to life the nature and practical application of ethics to real workplace environments and situations, and demonstrates how a clear understanding of the process of ethical deliberation can improve business decision-making processes.
Code of Conduct Training This one-module training course covers the basic principles that commonly apply to codes of conduct, drawing on scenarios and engaging graphics to bring the topics to life.

Other Compliance e-Learning Relevant to Commercial Practices

Anti-Money Laundering
Versions for Australia, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia,
the US, and the global market
Business Continuity Management
_ _
Continuous Disclosure Corporate Governance for Listed Entities
_ _
Corporate Governance for Unlisted Entities COVID Risk Assessment
_ _
Versions for Australia, Global, USA, Schools
_ _
ESG – (Australia)
Three-module course illuminates the benefits of ESG for businesses, investors, and consumers.
Environmental Compliance
_ _
Fair Work (Australia) Fraud Awareness
Versions for Australia, NZ, Financial Services,
and Schools
_ _
Introduction to Risk Management
Also schools version, Key Risk Indicators, Compliance & Control Attestation, Incident Management, and Risk & Control Self Assessment
Modern Slavery
Australian, Global and Microlearning versions
_ _
Versions for Australia, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, and California, plus the GDPR, and Financial Services, Privacy, Health Privacy and Privacy for Schools
Unconscious Bias
_ _
Versions for Australia and NZ
Work Health and Safety
Suite of courses for various jurisdictions and
specialised applications, including mental health
_ _
Workplace Behaviours
Covers bullying & Harrassment etc. Versions for Australia, NZ, and schools


Discover why so many companies choose GRC Solutions compliance training

"As a subscriber to the GRC Solutions weekly compliance bulletins, the BankVic team has found these a valuable resource for keeping up-to-date with new and changed regulatory and code obligations that affect the mutual banking industry, and how these changes might impact our organisation"

Compliance Manager at BankVic

"The project was extremely positive for both organisations. The GRC Solutions team delivered a visually impactful bespoke learning solution that met HCF requirements… on budget and ahead of deadline."

Compliance Manager at HCF

"I think that this was one of the best modules ever! Whoever created this module should be congratulated over and over. The fact that I have just spoken with a teacher who was having the very difficulties made the module more helpful. Once again thank you."

Pastoral Care, Mercedes College

“The ‘Adaptive’ learning feature is fantastic! It gives learners a sense of control of how they wish to learn and the opportunity to re-confirm/validate their existing knowledge.

The training content is easy to follow, with the use of case studies and relevant scenarios to demonstrate to learners how the content is applied in real life. As a Salt platform Administrator, my experience is made easy with the range of reports available and the patience and support of the GRC Support team, who are always ready and willing to help.”

Learning & Development Specialist at Allied Credit

"I wanted to compliment [GRC Solutions IT Manager] Cody Jones on providing a new customer with an exceptional level of service. Cody is responsive, helpful, no question is a problem and nothing is too much trouble. Cody gives us confidence combined with a pleasant personality which makes our Salt experience so much more manageable and enjoyable."

Risk, Safety & Compliance Officer, Mercy Education Limited

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